A new wellness community- Be.Well launched on occasion of International Yoga Day 2021


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In the spirit of making Holistic wellness an approachable lifestyle, rather than just a seasonal fad – a lifestyle tea brand has gone a step ahead and curated a comprehensive wellness experience called Be.Well. on the occasion of International Yoga Day 2021, Vahdam India will officially be launching this wellness community on its social media channels.

Be.Well is an inclusive repository of all things that will positively impact your overall health, that is guided by a team of health experts like Nutritionists, Yoga experts, Mental health professionals, Tea Sommeliers, Artists.

Every Sunday, the company will host an online wellness class for consumers across the world, free of cost, with an expert that will be aimed at benefiting the body, mind, and spirit. The home-grown brand is scheduled to host a variety of sessions ranging from yoga classes, meditation and mental health awareness sessions, music and colour therapy, sessions with nutritionists and much more.

The path towards wellness is not a sprint. Instead, it is a kinder, gradual journey that one embarks on with consistency and patience. Our lives are getting busier by the minute and as new challenges arise for our health, we notice that there is a conscious shift towards “Holistic Wellness”. Simple, delightful, and highly effective solutions from Mother Nature that can positively impact our physical and emotional health.

Currently, the company has already hosted a few Yoga sessions with a certified trainer and is scheduled to have a session with Mental health professional on how to deal with Post-pandemic anxiety, ways to recognize how anxiety manifests itself in our body, and techniques to help manage mental health amidst the ever-evolving environment.