Aditya Narayan on Zee Comedy Show: I am a cleanliness freak



Udit Narayan, his wife Deepa Narayan and Aditya Narayan 

Singer Udit Narayan and his wife Deepa Narayan will be special guests on ‘Zee Comedy Show’ this weekend. It will be interesting to watch their reaction to comedian Aditya Narayan’s dramatic act revolving around the Narayan household with Chitrashi Rawat and Gaurav Dubey mimicking his parents. From household chores to family secrets, much more has been revealed in the act. While discussing the act, Farah asked if this was their actual scenario at home and if Aditya helps out with household chores.

Just then Deepa revealed an interesting secret about Aditya. She says: “Adi loves cleaning, he keeps everything absolutely clean, so much so that even when I was once getting operated in the hospital, Adi cleaned up my entire hospital room for me. Sometimes, I have my things left scattered around, but Adi comes and cleans up everything, so hats off to him.”

Aditya Narayan adds: “I am a son and a daughter for my parents, so I help out with all the household chores. In fact, I am also a cleanliness freak. No one loves cleaning in the house more than I do. Till date, I sweep and wash the floors of my room and bathroom, all by myself. I am so dedicated to cleanliness that my parents joke about it and take videos too while laughing.”

It was an interesting revelation for all. While Gaurav Dubey and Chitrashi Rawat left Udit and Deepa Narayan in splits, the entertaining performances put up by the other comedians also kept them laughing till the end.

‘Zee Comedy Show’ airs on Zee TV.