Amid rise in bird flu, people veer towards vegan diet, clean eating


“You could also alternatively start replacing one of your meals to a vegan meal and understand how your body reacts and most importantly, how your taste buds react to the change in dietary plan. Start looking out for options that will replace your iron, protein and calcium that you would have derived from meat and dairy the perfect example is Millets. Ultimately it is about getting enough calories, proteins and vitamins from a diet either vegan or no vegan. Try and include a lot of whole grains like lentils, legumes, nuts and seeds like flax, chia, almonds and green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli in your diet to get the required nourishment,” she says.

The lure of raw eating and weight-loss

While raw foods are what most people think of, of a plant-based diet; there’s so much more to it, enthuses Sagar N. Mehta. “Plant-based diet includes fruits, beans, whole grains, potatoes etc. which are cooked into amazing dishes like Mexican rice, lasagne, pizza, rajma chawal, chole bathure and what not! So, vegan food is all fun and scrumptious while also living a cruelty free life.”

Add to it, with it becoming increasingly common for people to make the switch to vegan for weight loss, experts refute the notion. “Many people switch to a vegan diet assuming they will lose weight. Unfortunately, it is not true. Losing weight needs a healthful choice and a balanced diet. If you follow a vegan diet and yet consume a large amount of fried snacks, will not lead to weight loss. It needs a planned diet and regular exercise to maintain your weight loss journey. Just by giving up on dairy and animal products will not help you lose weight,” concludes Indrani.