Anupam Kher: Don't own an apartment in Mumbai, gifted mother a 9BHK house in Shimla



Anupam Kher and his mother Dulari

Bollywood veteran actor Anupam Kher is an international star. He is not only recognised in Bollywood but his performances in Hollywood films have been the talk of the town across the world. Recently, in a conversation with ETimes, the actor went candid about his journey and his humble background. Kher revealed that he doesn’t own a house in Mumbai but has gifted a 9BHK house to his mother Dulari in their hometown Shimla.

Anupam Kher revealed that his mother dreamed of having a house in Shimla and had chosen a 1BHK that she asked him to buy but the actor bought the whole house with 9 rooms and surprised her, He said, “I don’t even own an apartment in Mumbai. I live in a rented apartment. I decided 4-5 years back that I don’t want to own property. The only property I bought four years ago was a house for my mother in Shimla.”

He added, “After my father passed away, she started living with us. I used to always tease her, ‘Mama, aak ko Anupam Kher hai, abh aur kya chaihye?’ She surprised me by telling me ‘mujhe ghar chahiye’. I told her that Raju (brother) and I have houses, so she said, ‘Nahi, Shimla me… All my life I used to live in a rented home in Shimla and my desire and dream was that one day I would own a house’.”

“She loved that place and called me up and said, ‘I found a small house with an entrance from the outside’. I asked the broker how many rooms there are in the house and he told me that it had 9 bedrooms. I thought that if I have to give my mother a gift, it has to be something exceptional. So I asked the broker to see if the owner was willing to sell the whole house.”

Anupam Kher further recalled how angry his mother was with him for buying such a big house, She had said, “Aap ka dimag kharab hai! Mujhe nahi chahiye itna bada ghar…'”

Meanwhile, Anupam Kher recently completed the shooting of his upcoming film ‘Shiv Shastri Balboa’ in New Jersey. It is the 519th film of his film career so far.