Are you stressed? Here's how you can manage stress


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Are you stressed? Here’s how you can manage stress

Learning to cope with our stress and finding healthy ways to deal with it? Managing stress can be different for everyone, and it can categorised in various forms and parts of your life. From your workplace to personal relationships, one can deal with stress in several phase of our lives.  Many of us feel stressed or tensed at some point of life and are unable to cope. However, the level of stress can be different for different people. A student can feel stressed out for his result while a working man feel it for not meeting deadlines at the workplace. Sometimes, financial and household chores can land people into stressful and sleepless nights. 

Stress is one of the great public health challenges of our time, but it still isn’t being taken as seriously as physical health concerns. Millions of us are experience high levels of stress and result? We tend to damage our health. Yes! It is directly linked to physical health problems like heart disease, problems with our immune system, loss of appetite, hairfall, insomnia and digestive problems. 

Also, American Institute of Stress states the most common explanation of stress is a ‘physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension.’

If we talk about the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, the stressful condition going around us have made us all worried and have given sleepless night, anxiety, tension and nervousness. 

The second wave of covid has made us all distress. There is chaos everywhere. Hospitals do not have beds or space to take up the patients for treatment. People are struggling to to get bed for their loved ones in the every clinic and hospital. People are dying, there is lack of oxygen cylinders, which has made the situation even more dangerous. The COVID-19 situation in the country has become precarious with each passing day.

Stress is a widespread feeling for most of us to feel. It can have an impact on our health, both physically and mentally. These health issues could be anxiety and depression to heart disease. 

Here’s how you can manage stress:

Talk it out, Yes, talk to people about stress and it’s effects. Discuss about the topic openly and frankly with your friends, family and colleagues. Be nice to those who are stressed and distress or lonely. Speak to everyone politely, you may not know what the other person is going through and why. Show love and compassion towards other and Keep spreading smiles and kindness around you. 

-You can share a healthy lifestyle hack or your lifestyle routine with people around you.

-Develop a vision for healthy living, wellness, and personal growth, and set realistic goals to help you realise your vision and work towards your desired ambition. 

Workout, a good and easy workout routine can help a person cope with stress and sleepless nights. Share your coping mechanisms. It might benefit someone you care about and in the meantime.

-Think more about self-care. Take time out of your day to relax or do something that you enjoy. Pamper yourself and don’t forget to exercise and eat well.

-Avoid getting anxious and nervous about situations that you cannot change or control.

-Take control of your reactions and focus your mind on something that makes you feel calm and in control.

-Spend time laughing with friends and family. 

-Most importantly avoid drugs and alcohol. 

-Learn to value your life.