BARWANI: District collector’s swift action helps old, destitute woman to get shelter in biting cold


Barwani (Madhya Pradesh): In order to avoid Indore incident, district collector Shivraj Singh Verma sent an old woman residing on roadside to shelter home.

Soon after receiving information, Verma made arrangements for the woman who lived in a tarpaulin-covered hut on old AB Road near Julwaniya village in the district. On Tuesday, Verma received information through social media, in which one of the users mentioned Hasina Sitaram, living in hut on the roadside. Collector immediately called Rajpur sub divisional magistrate to shift her to the old age home.

Besides, district collector instructed SDMs to ensure that homeless people are shifted to shelter homes or old age homes. Collector also instructed SDMs to take care of their meals, lodging, medication and psychiatric treatment if required. A campaign is being run in the district to send helpless and destitute living on roadsides while begging to shift them to old age homes.