Bigg Boss Aug 28 LIVE: With more drama & fights today's episode will be full of over-the-top entertainment


Image Source : VOOT

Bigg Boss OTT Aug 28 LIVE 

The new day started with the housemates dancing, laughing, and coming together as a team. The day started with Divya, Milind and Akshara revolting against the entire house and were quite vocal about not doing any household work as they believed that the decision of making Pratik and Neha the Boss Man and Lady was unfair. However, the very next moment Moose was seen crying alone in the garden area, and the trio who was revolting came to her rescue, consoled her, and made her laugh.

Then Bigg Boss announced an entertainment task where the contestants were divided into two teams, Team A (Divya, Milind, Akshara) Team B (Raqesh, Shamita, Nishant, Moose). Both the teams had to entertain the judges, Neha-Pratik and prepare a dance performance in 30 minutes. It was difficult to say which team did best as everyone seemed to enjoy it; the judges Pratik and Neha were super supportive and appreciated each housemate for their performance and efforts.