Boman Irani's message to people who lost near ones: Celebrate their life



Boman Irani’s message to people who lost near ones: Celebrate their life

Actor Boman Irani on Tuesday penned a note in memory of his late friend Phiroze, who passed away a year ago, and shared a message for those who have lost their near and dear ones to the ongoing Covid pandemic. Talking about his late best friend Phiroze on his death anniversary, Irani wrote on Facebook: “Before you even begin to read this, I wish to state, that this is not meant to sadden you in any way. In fact, I hope it gives you strength. In all honesty, the prime focus is to give myself strength first, only then will it have the desired effect on you.”

“I have known Phiroze for 58 years now. Years and years of watching each other grow. The kindest Bawa on the planet. Not to be taken for granted if he felt you were doing something wrong. Then the kindness would turn into benevolent wrath…… and when that happened, I listened,” he informed.

“He was cool about most things, except when one spoke ill or found fault with others. His philosophy was simple. If someone behaved badly with you, then you should make allowances for that someone’s behaviour. His simple response would be, Arrey he’s going through some crisis. Java de. That’s it. No more to be said…” Irani added.

Talking about how he has dealt with the pain of losing his friend, the actor further wrote: “Last year on this day, Phiroze passed. I have avoided speaking of him, even going through his photographs or connecting with common friends. It was too damn hard. I would literally hide. Hide and avoid. Finally, it has taken me a year to speak of him, of our spectacular memories, our travels together, and above all, all the Ghela Ganda or even mention the essence of what a great friend he was.”

Suggesting people to celebrate the lives of those who have left the world in the pandemic situation, the actor added: “All through these trying times that we are going through, I have been sending messages to people, who have lost their near and dear ones. My advice – let’s celebrate their life instead. It is good advice. However, it is only good, if one practices what one preaches.”