COVID-19: Jacqueline Fernandez opens up about her foundation & how to cope with the pandemic



COVID-19: Jacqueline Fernandez opens up on her foundation & how to cope with the pandemic

Where everyone in the country is fighting COVID-19, the cinema industry as well is going through a lot and has its own type of challenges. In the hour of crisis. many are coming together to help the people in need. One among those is actress Jacqueline Fernandes who recently pitched in and came out to help others cope with the pandemic. For the same, she launched her own foundation You Only Live Once (YOLO) a few days back. In a recent interview with IndiaTV, she opened up about the challenges she faced and shared tips on what people can do to help others and stay positive during the pandemic. 

Speaking about her take on COVID, Jacqueline said, “Right now the country is going through a lot of changes. We are listening bad news every time and there is a situation of crisis. But I am also seeing positivity and unity.”

Talking about her experience, she said, “For me I wish i would have done this sooner. I wanted to do something to create an impact and help. I am trying to see a positive side and which is why we started our own organization which has been a life-changing experience. I hope it grows and helps as many as possible.”

With shootings getting stalled and releases getting postponed, the last one and a half year has been tough for everyone. Throwing light on how Jacqueline is facing all the challenges, she said, “The whole country has to adjust right now. We haven’t planned for this. I am only thinking about covid relief and not about work. At this point, we need to unite at different levels and back and help each other. This is just the adjustment we have to make. I am positive that all of this will end.”

She gave a positive message to everyone and said that it is important to remain positive and do yoga as it helps in stress reduction. These small things will be really helpful to us. The most important thing is to stay positive as all of this will end and we will come out of it,” said Jacqueline.

What is YOLO?

“You only live once, many people think you only live once so people think to party or roam around the world. This made the term quite selfish. But when I started this foundation, I was thinking of a name and I thought we only have one life what do we do with it. If you only live, why not make it purposeful and do charity help others.”

Concluding her message for everyone, Jacqueline asked everyone to be safe. She said that everyone should stay with their families and take covid seriously. The should remain positive and be covid negative.

-Joyeeta Mitra Suvarna