COVID19: Hansal Mehta says his family is 'hopefully on the road to recovery'



COVID19: Hansal Mehta says his family is ‘hopefully on the road to recovery’

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta on Tuesday took to Twitter to inform that six people at home, including himself, who have been battling Covid-19, are hopefully on the road to recovery. The director further informed that his son was critical but he was helpless as he himself was also battling the virus. “6 people in my home including me were COVID positive. Our son was critical. But we were helpless as we were sick too. Thankfully we were in Mumbai where hospital beds, oxygen and medicines were available. We are all hopefully now on the road to recovery,” Mehta tweeted.

“We are thankful to all the doctors, nurses, caregivers, delivery services and frontline workers whose selfless drive has helped us heal in this tumultuous journey. We are thankful to all the friends and sometimes total strangers who prayed and helped us through the illness,” he added.

“Thankful to @mybmc @OfficeofUT @AUThackeray and the MH govt for making us feel safe and cared for in this city. Our prayers for those who are struggling with basic facilities and this dreadful virus. We pledge to do whatever we can in our limited capacity to help and reach out,” he further wrote thanking the state government.

The filmmaker concluded with a few words of advice for netizens. He wrote: “Please be cautious. Please be careful. Get vaccinated. Mask up. Report symptoms as soon as you notice them. Do not fall for quackery or false bravado. Please take care.”

Earlier, director Hansal Mehta tweeted to seek help for his COVID-19 positive son Pallava. He informed fans about how he is in need of Remdesivir injections for his son who has low oxygen saturation. Not only this, but he even informed everyone how he has also developed mild symptoms of the infection and is awaiting his test results.

As soon as he did the same, a lot of people including his friends and netizens came forward to help and shared details regarding where the drug might be available. Soon, the director deleted the tweet after the requirement was met and wrote, “Am overwhelmed that so many wonderful people reached out to help Pallava. Have deleted the tweet as his requirement is being met. Thank you so much for all the love. Keep him in your prayers. Love.”

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