Did you know there are professional cuddlers? Here's what they do and the effect COVID-19 has on them


As Raj Veer, author at CuddleConnect.com, who also has four books on this subject to his credit, clarifies that they are gradually using Touch Wellness as a term to ease the hesitation that comes with the world cuddle. “Cuddle at times can be interpreted by some as possibly something that can lead to sex. We nurture pure platonic touch and connection amongst our members. To emphasise that, we are starting to inject touch wellness as the alternate term to break that mental block around cuddle!”

India wise

Veer further adds that CuddleConnect.com was launched in India in October 2018, three months before its worldwide launch. Today, the site has almost 7% Indian males and females out of their entire member base. That’s surprisingly a high number worth of a mention and speaks about how the idea is fast catching up with Indians. “We have found that Indians across the USA, Canada, India, Australia, and the UK are the maximum adopters of our site,” he says. But cuddling comes with its challenges. “To start with, it is a fairly new concept. The idea of touch-oriented wellness and connection is not widely acknowledged and adopted. Even though the world is full of touch-deprived people, everyone is hesitating to come forth and embrace the idea of hugs and touch,” he rues.

Virtual reality

The cuddling community was probably one of the worst-hit by the pandemic because the business is all about touch, hug and cuddle, that was impossible while maintaining social/physical distancing. “According to a rough estimate, 30% people are lonely in this world, and they need more touch-oriented affection, connection, and bonding. Pandemic is challenging our community with that very aspect,” quips Veer.

But like they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Thanks to innovations such as virtual cuddling that’s an online way and more about connecting at a deeper level than just physical touch, the average footfalls on these websites are on a rebound. Giving a rundown, he adds, “The idea involves engaging in meaningful conversation, playing virtual games together, eye gazing via video calls, even expressing how each of them would like the other to touch and engage in meaningful self-touch relaxes and heals.”

So if you are yearning for that touch, find a cuddle buddy at the click of a mouse, and get your fill of happy hormones. As Suri says, “Where words end, a hug begins.”

(*name changed to protect identity)

Enthusiast Cuddler Vs Professional Cuddler

Raj Veer, author at Cuddleconnect.com explains:

  • Enthusiast Cuddlers are people who love to cuddle. They are neither looking for any commitment-oriented relationship nor are they looking for sex or hookup. They are looking for touch, connect, and cuddles.

  • Professional Cuddlers are trained and certified cuddling professionals. A professional Cuddle Practitioner can be hired like a massage therapist or wellness therapist for an hour-long or multiple hour session at a comparable hourly fee.