How is non-surgical hair growth treatment useful in women suffering hair loss issues due to PCOS?


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How is non-surgical hair growth treatment useful in women suffering hair loss issues due to PCOS?

PCOS is an issue that lasts a lifetime. It is a metabolic disorder and is something that has to do with your internal metabolism and hormonal health. Apart from that, your overall wellbeing is affected by PCOS. It not only involves your endocrine issues but also your external wellbeing. A person who is suffering from PCOD may have internal hormonal issues which are always reflected outside through the skin, hair and body acne, face acne, baldness or even excessive hair growth on the body at the wrong sides. The baldness caused by PCOS could be very traumatizing for most of the ladies as you know the hair is the real crown for all the women.

PCOS is a very on-going issue and is a condition which could take a lot of time. There even might be phases where PCOD might aggravate or settle down on its own. So, for patients suffering from this, non-surgical hair growth is the only saviour because surgical hair transplants do not really offer great results and also because multiple hair transplant treatments would also not solve the issue. Non-surgical hair growth treatment doesn’t have any downtime and mostly offer zero side effects. It consumes a lot of time which makes it even more helpful for better results. Also, in females the option of surgical treatment is not possible because during a surgery or a hair transplant all your hair needs to be shaved off whereas with non-surgical treatment you can continue to have the same hairstyle as well as lifestyle. Thus, you don’t need to compromise on your hair for a non-surgical treatment.

Most of the non-surgical methods are non-invasive methods and these are just office hour procedures which hardly take 10-15 minutes. Some of the treatments are platelet rich plasma therapy, mesotherapy, laser light therapy and for the ones having mild cases, only medicines also work . 

The result of these non-surgical treatments depends upon the experience of the doctor that treats you. Mostly non-surgical treatment has the advantage that they don’t have to use anything which is very sharp or traumatising or painful. Mesotherapy hardly takes two minutes and the pain also does not last for more than two minutes. Also, we perform non-surgical hair growth booster therapy which is my signature treatment and has been showing outstanding results in all the patients while being a saviour for many women suffering from hair loss issues. The non-surgical hair growth boosters have actually transformed and reformed the lives of several women suffering from hair loss issues and baldness. 

For females suffering from PCOS must take certain tests to diagnose the line of treatment properly. Few of them include ultra-sonography, testosterone tests and other hormonal tests to check your estrogen and progesterone. 

Some of the measures which are non-surgical should always be done under the consultation of your doctor.

When the non-surgical treatments take place be it the PRP or the laser light treatment, the hair growth booster, the mesotherapy treatment or even only using the medicines, the patients of PCOS need to understand that along with going through these surgeries it is important to take care of your lifestyle well which includes exercising at least twice or thrice a week for minimum 30 minutes and also should follow good diet regime with less carbs and more proteins for better results. 

(This article is attributed to Dr Stuti Khare Shukla, MD Dermatologist Hair Growth Queen of India​)

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