Indian Afghan Embassy Twitter handle hacked, claims Press Secretary Abdulhaq Azad


Image Source : AP

Afghanistan’s embattled president Ashraf Ghani left the country Sunday, Aug. 15, 2021, joining his fellow citizens and foreigners in a stampede fleeing the advancing Taliban and signaling the end of a 20-year Western experiment aimed at remaking Afghanistan.

Press Secretary to Afghan Embassy in India Abdulhaq Azad on Sunday claimed that he couldn’t access the official Twitter account of Afghan Embassy in India. He took to Twitter from his personal account to share a screenshot of the official handle made available to him through a friend. “I have lost access to the Twitter handle of Afghan Embassy India, a friend sent a screenshot of this tweet, (this tweet is hidden from me.) I have tried to log in but can’t access it. Seems it is hacked,” Azad tweeted.

The post shared by him criticized Afghan President Ashraf Ghani for fleeing to Tajikistan amid ongoing Taliban crisis in Afghanistan. The post even made some derogatory remarks towards him.

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