Irrfan Khan Death Anniversary: Son Babil, wife Sutapa Sikdar share emotional posts & recall actor's final days



Irrfan Khan Death Anniversary: Son Babil, wife Sutapa Sikdar share emotional posts & recall actor’s final days

Bollywood’s much-loved actor Irrfan Khan passed away a year ago on April 29 and ever since his this void is still present in the lives of his family, friends and fans. Known for his phenomenal acting skills, Irrfan died due to a colon infection. He even went through treatment for a neuroendocrine tumour in London before this. One year has passed since the black day and this is the reason why memories came rushing back to his son Babil Khan and wife Sutapa Sikdar. On Irrfan’s first death anniversary, both of them took to their respective social media to share emotional posts recalling his final days. Babil also shared a picture of Irrfan from his chemotherapy days while Sutapa revealed the unique connection of the actor with the number ’11.’

Taking to Instagram Babil wrote, “Chemo burns you from the inside, so to find joy in the simple things, like building your own table to write your own journals. There is a purity, I have not yet discovered. There is a legacy that has already been concluded by my Baba himself. A full stop. Nobody can ever replace him. Nobody will ever be able to. To the greatest best friend, companion, brother, father, I ever had and ever will have. I love you so much, for the rest of this chaos we are choosing to call life.

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I miss you, more than all that shah-Jahan/mumtaz stuff; I would have built a space monument that could have taken us to the furthest parts of a blackhole singularity you were always intrigued by, but I would have been there with you Baba, and we could have gone together, hand in hand.” He even shared picture of the late actor’s note on a book’s first page and called it, “Need I say much? My Baba, last stages of evolution.”

Irrfan’s wife Sutapa shared an emotional post on Facebook where she spoke about how she and her friends sang Irrfan’s favourite songs for him on his last day. She said that while the nurses looked at her strange behaviour, she was sure that it was now time for him to leave for the next station. Her long post read as follows,

“People living deeply have no fear of death”… Anaïs Nin your favourite poet Irrfan. Last year tonight me and my friends sang songs for you,all your favorite songs. The nurses were looking at us strangely as they were used to religious chants in critical times  but I had overdone that for you  irrfan morning evening and night  for two years and  since they told me it was time  I wanted  you to go with memories you loved …so we sang songs….next day you left for the next station I hope you knew where to get down without me..

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363 days eight thousand seven hundred and twelve hours..when each second is counted . how exactly does one swim this huge ocean of time. The clock had stopped At 11.11 on 29th april  for me .…irrfan you  had a keen interest in mystery of numbers . .and funny you  had three 11’s on your  final day . some say actually many say this is a very mystical number 11/11/11. How does one walk ahead  the pandemic just adds to the anxiety, fear and pain. The days went  by with umpteen responsibilities some extremely new ones like signature galore for changing of name.

My fingers kept stopping on that how could  I just take his name away and make it sutapa, I was unable to sign  took a day off  and  the name game played on my mind. Like a film in a projector .i remember sitting outside NSD late evening ..beautiful girls from kathak kendra floating out ..they were all very well dressed up unlike us we were always in our blue trackpant  and sky blue t shirt ..both boys and girls wore the same …and you mispronounced my name and I tried to correct and rubbed it in as usual my  permanent thing that north Indians are so stupid and they only can pronounce sunny Vicky  Rahul type names and proceed to kake ki dukaan in gol chakkar to have ek bata do chai ….its been a long journey of correcting each other spanning a life time. fighting arguing laughing evolving together. you were the loner in a crowd. And now a whole crowd has followed you up there the way OM from the tea stall  in the nukkad went some years back has he made a chai ka stall up there? are you having ek bata do chai there.  and are drinking water from the running streams?

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All of you stay in peace remember us that we loved you, all of you. And remember all of you is missed by some one or the other ..all your families grieve ..may you all rest in peace! I hope there is enough space I hope some of you will forgive us for not been able to give  a respectable cremation.#irrfan#NSD#nationbleeding#wearesorry#restinpeace.”

Irrfan’s last screen appearance was in ‘Angrezi Medium’ which also featured Kareena Kapoor Khan and Radhika Madaan. Irrfan recently became the Indian film personality honoured in the “In Memoriam” montage showcased at the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony.