Kamya Panjabi hits out at Shamita Shetty, says Raqesh Bapat is not someone who will dance on your beats



Kamya Panjabi hits out at Shamita Shetty, says Raqesh is not someone who will dance on your beats

Bigg Boss OTT contestants Shamita Shetty and her connection Raqesh Bapat’s scintillating chemistry inside the house has become the talk of the town. Since day one the duo has been grabbing eyeballs. Recently, the former Bigg Boss contestant Kamya Panjabi called out Shamita on social media. Kamya took to Twitter and wrote why Shamita and Raqesh Bapat are not right for each other.

She slammed Shamita and said that Raqesh is not for her as he is not someone who can ‘dance’ to her tune. “You are right #shamita Raqesh is not the man for you. You want someone who can dance on your beats… Raqesh is definitely not the one! And yes he is not confused in fact he seems to be more clear now,” she tweeted.

Kamya also called out Shamita for her disrespectful behaviour with her connection Raqesh. 

Love blossomed between Shamita and Raqesh over time. From waking up Shamita with a kiss to taking care of her when she got an anxiety attack, Raqesh is turning out to be an adorable partner. Many times Raqesh has been seen flirting with Shamita Shetty while she blushes at his remarks. Not just the housemates, fans have also been finding them too cute.However, since  a few days the two have been in major fights and Shamita even spoke about why she is still unsure about taking things farther with him.

When Neha asked Shamita if she likes Raqesh, she said, “It’s so obvious that we do, right? He’s lovely but he seems very confused sometimes which is a little disturbing to me because I’m not confused. When I’ve taken a decision, I stand by it,” she said.

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Meanwhile, in last weekend, as per audience votes Millind Gaba and Akshara Singh were declared eliminated. And it was unfortunate for Millind and Akshara that by the time they understood the game, the audience had decided on their exit from the house!