Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal spat: Kashmera Shah comes out in support of friend Nisha; says 'he did hit her'



Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal spat: Kashmera Shah comes out in support of friend Nisha; says ‘he did hit her’

Karan Mehra who played the role of Naitik Singhania in the popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata got arrested after his wife Nisha filed a complaint in the Goregaon (Mumbai) police station alleging that after an argument, Karan pushed her against a wall, and hurt her head. Karan got bailed from the police station hours after his arrest. The Mumbai police had registered a case against the actor after a spat between the couple on Monday night (May 31). 

Many celebrities from the industry have come forward and expressed their views on the matter. After fashion designer, Rohit Verma Nisha’s friend Kashmera Shah has come out in her support. During an interaction, Kashmera revealed that apparently, Karan did hit Nisha.

In an interview with ETimes, the former Bigg Boss star was quoted saying, “I am with Nisha and apparently he (Karan) did hit her and he has been hitting her for the last couple of times and we found out when we came to the house and Nisha has been quiet about it because it is a very personal thing. There were a lot of financial things he has messed up with. We knew there were problems but didn’t know to what extent. And you cannot interfere also as a best friend you can just be with her.”

After getting bailed Karan had claimed that Nisha herself ‘smashed her head on the wall’ after the alimony discussions between them failed. On this Kashmera said, “It is not possible for Nisha to bang herself and get such a deep gash. It cannot be self-inflicted, there is a lockdown going on what if she didn’t get medical attention. Right now more than domestic violence we are standing with a friend and we will always be here for her.”

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Kashmera added, “He should understand she is a mother who is taking care of her child and has been working all these years. And whatever I know Karan has done some financial mess which actually strained their relationship between the two of them. But whatever the issue you cannot raise your hand on anyone this cannot be tolerated.”

Recently, Nisha broke her silence and made shocking revelations against Karan. She alleged that he has an extramarital affair and has constantly been abusing her over the years.

Nisha told Bombay Times, “One of the charges filed by me against him is of domestic violence. I hadn’t spoken about it for so many years as I understand that his career and image are of utmost importance for an actor. Despite being considerate and compassionate, I have had to face something like this. This is definitely about Karan having an extramarital affair, me trying to work on the marriage, him not even taking responsibility for the child and constant abuse over the years, which I have never spoken about. I have evidence to authenticate my claim.”

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