Mother's Day 2021: Tareefan to Maa, 7 songs to dedicate to your mother on this heartfelt day


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Mother’s Day 2021: Tareefan to Maa, 7 songs to dedicate to your mother on this heartfelt day

If there is anyone on the planet who comes close to being superhuman, it’s our mothers. Now more than ever, we want to display how much we love and appreciate our mothers for all the endless love and support they’ve blessed us with. When words fall short, music comes to the rescue! We have curated 5 songs that will perfectly express those heartfelt feelings in the form of a beautiful song dedicated to the most important woman in our lives. Here are 7 beautiful songs to dedicate to your mom to shower her with love this Mother’s Day!  

1.  Tareefan by Nikhita Gandhi  

Tareefan was originally a party anthem, but Nikhita Gandhi’s nightingale voice completely transformed the track into a calming, melodious number. The soulful lyrics of the song are the perfect complement to our mothers, who deserve all the appreciation in the world! If your mother loves Bollywood, this emotional record will definitely put a smile on her face.  

2.  The Best Day by Taylor Swift  

Back in the early days of her career, Taylor Swift released this sweet number talking about her close relationship with her mother. The harmonious song describes a memorable day the popstar spent with her mom along with all the wonderful ways in which her mum impacted her life. Adding to the cuteness, the music video that followed captured a montage of adorable moments of tiny Taylor with her mom!  

3.  Maa from Taare Zameen Par  

Shankar Mahadevan’s powerful voice in this moving song is unforgettable. Depicting the heartbreaking feelings a young boy was experiencing when separated from his mother, this rousing track is bound to leave a tear in your eye.  

4.  Mother by Kacey Musgraves  

Country musician Kacey Musgraves depicted the pain of being separated from family flawlessly in this earnest track. She found the unexpected inspiration to write the emotive song when she received an unexpected text from her mom. From the authentic lyrics to the picturesque music video, this song is a sweet surprise your mum will definitely love.  

5.  Mom by Meghan Trainor  

Who better to have as a best friend than your mom? Meghan Trainor’s song doubles up as a Mother’s Day song card, expressing all your love in the form of an upbeat track about bomb moms! Furthermore, the homemade music video captures snippets of Meghan’s childhood, right from her birth to her dance around as a gleeful toddler!  

6. Tu Kitni Achhi Hai

Movie: Raja Aur Runk (1968), Singer: Lata Mangeshkar, Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal

7. Mumma

Movie: Dasvidaniya, Singer: Kailash Kher