'Neither had a dream nor role-model', Sitharaman says in candid confession


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‘Neither had a dream nor role-model’, Sitharaman says in candid confession

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday got candid about her life, at an interactive session hosted by Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC). Even as one had expected Sitharaman to say that she had big dreams and a role-model in life, it didn’t turn out to be so. She had a different story to tell. 

At the event, Sitharaman was asked what was her dream when she was young and her role-model who led her to this position.

“Absolutely sweet question,” Sitharaman said. “But I am not even sure I had a dream. i just kept doing what was before me and went along the flow. I don’t think I chart any course in my life. I walked along the path which was before me and that destiny has taken me wherever I am,” she said. 

“Only thing is I better perform so that I don’t disappoint people who have given me the responsibility and I don’t want to disappoint the people of India,” Sitharaman added.

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