Netizen gives Met Gala 2021 desi twist, calls it 'Ranveer Singh Veshbhusha Mahotsav'


Image Source : TWITTER/DLSCDU0

Ranveer Singh

Without any doubt, Met Gala is one of the most extravagant fashion celebrations of the year. From eccentric sartorial choices to bizarre fashion moments, Met Gala is one event where celebs make sure to stand out and steal the limelight. This year was no different. Just ask Lil Nas X, who did a Lady Gaga-esque striptease on the carpet in gold Versace, from cape to armour to an embellished jumpsuit. And turning to Rihanna, you’ll see the queen walking the red carpet in a huge black Balenciaga gown. She also wore over 267 carats of Bulgari diamonds, including two choker necklaces. She was accompanied by A$ap Rocky in a multi-coloured quilted coat from ERL.

The gala, drawing standouts in fashion, TV, film, sports, tech and beyond at once reminds desis of Ranveer Singh who has had his share of what-the-heck moments. You may love it or hate it but you can’t deny that the Bollywood actor is a fashionista who manages to raise eyebrows with his fashion choices. Here’s how desi netizens are celebrating Met Gala on Twitter, the Ranveer Singh way!

The annual fashion event was postponed indefinitely in 2020, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but the gala is back this year with the theme of ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion’.

Rihanna will host the event’s official afterparty, teaming with hospitality giant Richie Akiva to throw the Met Ball’s private post-gala bash, according to