It’s no secret. We hear stories everyday about how ONE thing made a SIGNIFICANT change in someone’s life. Like REALLY made a difference in who they were, what they did, and changed their overall perspective on the way they look at things. As Tony Robbins said, “Things change in a moment. It may take you 10 years to have that moment, but in that one moment you told yourself you were never going to do (whatever it was) ever again. You had enough, you changed”.

4WRD has someone special that we are taking the time to write about. Nourdine Hmaimou took time to share his story with us about progressing & maturing as a person & soccer player. Nourdine is a 19 year old young man that is passionate about Soccer & his Football Club, Hendon Football Club. Nourdine tells us, “Originally, my parents are from Morocco, but I live in Aberfeldy which is an area based in Poplar in London, United Kingdom.


From the beginning, Nourdine knew he had a natural love for the game. He said, “it was something that I was brought up around, especially during my childhood. Everyone was competitive, and I was the only person to use that as a benefit to improve myself. I loved to have fun in my youth days”. Hmaimou’s love for the game allowed him to escape from life’s problems & relieve any stress or anger into the game. He loved it. That’s why he fell in love with soccer. He felt like he was truly apart of something and says “Football is a sport that unites the whole world and brings a sense of togetherness. Everything about Football is special, from celebrating a goal, to shedding tears after a loss; it’s truly the beautiful game as Pele nicknamed it”.

“Playing Football Truly Changed my Life”

Now soccer isn’t the only sport Nourdine enjoys. He said he almost pursued a serious career in Table Tennis from ages 12–15. He was a borough champion & says that he had won several competitions that happened by participating in after school sessions. Nourdine said playing sports made him a better person, a more organized competitive person. He is dedicated to the game & will do whatever he has to do to win. The sport significantly impacted his life at an early age. He began looking a things differently. He noticed himself becoming more reliable, accountable, and stepped up into being a current Leader on his team today. He says, “I remember the majority of the boys I was surrounded by used to get lured into the wrong path and fortunately for me, my immensely strong love for Football allowed me to stay away from all that”.


Today, Nourdine is a proud Centre Attacking Midfielder for Hendon Football Club where he became Captain of the team! He has built a solid foundation with the team & the community where he explains was vital to his progression. He describes the team as very positive, team oriented, and just an all around great atmosphere to be around. Nourdine is always looking for ways to help the team & progress them in any way through training. “They work very hard,” he says. Nourdine grew up playing soccer every single day so he naturally got in the habit of playing as much as he could, whether it was competitively, practice, or just with some friends. He trains hard twice a week & have at least one game a week, sometimes two.

Nourdine recently won the game for Hendon FC against Wealdstone FC. He was substituted in on the 75th minute and remembers the game being tied 3–3. In the 89th minute he says, “all I could remember was the ball being floated in the air to me, so I brought it down and managed to beat two players before slotting the ball past the keeper, we ended up winning the game 4–3. It was an incredible night”.


Nourdine felt ecstatic when the coach named him captain and he is very proud of his accomplishment thus far with the team.

Nourdine says, “It’s a privilege to lead the team. It takes extra work but it’s definitely worth it, I feel honoured. Being a leader is something that runs in my family. Knowing I made my family & friends proud by being able to play & wear the captain band around my arm makes me so happy. Not only that, but it’s also great to see that the manager thinks I’m capable of leading the team. It a huge boost of confidence and I will always be thankful. Ever since, I’ve felt more able and mature as a player”.


Nourdine reached out to 4WRD because he wants to express his love & passion for soccer. He wants to influence more people to find a passion & run with it just like he did. His dream is to become a Professional Soccer Player. He said he plans to keep focusing on what is in front of him & is going to continue to work hard so he can compete at a more competitive level someday. He says, “I’m extremely close to the professional level, but anything can happen in Football in a flash, whether its positive or negative and that’s one of its beauties. As long as I can remain consistent, persistent and positive, I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t be at the level I desire to reach”. Nourdine also says he aspires to coach someday because he has experience within the coaching field in his community.

If you could be a pro soccer player, where would you choose to play if you could play anywhere?

Nourdine told us, “To reach the professional level alone is a dream come true. I have always dreamt of playing with the top clubs, as has every child. Till this day, Liverpool is the team I have supported growing up. But If there’s one team I would love to play for it would be Juventus. When I was 13 I visited my family who live in Turin, Italy, my uncle took me to their stadium for a tour.I fell in love with everything I saw, it was also my first time ever being ground level in a stadium. After that day, I became 10x hungrier to succeed and achieve my dream goals.

Nourdine is dedicated to the sport & strives to be the best he can each & everyday. While he still has a few years to go, anything is possible. 4WRD wishes Nourdine the best & can’t wait to watch him pursue his dreams within the sport of soccer.

Thanks for reading!