PM Modi chairs UNSC debate: 'Maritime routes being misused for piracy, terrorism' | Top quotes


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PM Modi chairs UNSC debate on maritime security: Top Quotes 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday chaired a high-level debate on maritime security via video conferencing. Modi is the first Indian prime minister to preside over a UN Security Council Open Debate. 


  • Oceans are our shared heritage and our maritime routes are the lifelines of international trade. These oceans are very important for the future of our planet. 
  • This shared heritage of ours (oceans) is facing several types of challenges. Maritime routes are being misused for piracy and terrorism. 

  • For maritime security, I would like to put forth 5 basic principles: Free maritime trade sans barriers so as to establish legitimate trade; settlement of maritime disputes should be peaceful and on the basis of international law only; thirdly- responsible maritime connectivity should be encouraged. Fourth is the need to collectively combat maritime threats posed by non-state actors and natural calamities. And last but not the least, we have to preserve maritime environment and maritime resources. 
  • We should remove barriers to maritime trade. Our prosperity depends on the active flow of maritime trade and barriers in this path can pose a challenge to the entire global economy. Free maritime trade is associated with the culture of India for time immemorial.
  • We want to make an inclusive framework on maritime security in our region based on the vision of SAGAR (Security And Growth for All in the Region). This vision is for a safe, secure, and stable maritime domain.

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