Pune Police thanks Jacqueline Fernandez for her Covid19 relief contribution, actress responds



Pune Police thanks Jacqueline Fernandez for her Covid19 relief contribution

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez has been actively working to provide relief to those in need during the Covid pandemic. The actress has also launched her foundation called YOLO to extend her helping hand. On Wednesday, Pune Police thanked the actress for her selfless contribution. 

The tweet read, “Pune Police thanks @Asli_Jacqueline for her generous contribution towards the Pune Police Foundation. Your kind gesture will go a long way for our team that continues to perform their duties on the frontline in this pandemic. #WeAreTogether (sic).” Reacting to the same, Jacqueline said, “I salute @PuneCityPolice who have been tirelessly working on the frontline and contributing selflessly in our fight with Covid 19. We are in this together (sic).”

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with IndiaTV, Jacqueline Fernandez opened up about her foundation You Only Live Once (YOLO) and shared tips on what people can do to help others and stay positive during the pandemic. She said, “Right now the country is going through a lot of changes. We are listening bad news every time and there is a situation of crisis. But I am also seeing positivity and unity.”

Talking about her experience, she said, “For me I wish i would have done this sooner. I wanted to do something to create an impact and help. I am trying to see a positive side and which is why we started our own organization which has been a life-changing experience. I hope it grows and helps as many as possible.”

A few days ago, Jacqueline pitched in to serve food amidst the Covid crisis, and later in the day posted a video where she was seen interacting with people from across India who are trying to help others cope with the pandemic. Posting pictures on Instagram that show her serving food, the actress said she was “honoured” to help. She carried out her act of charity at the Roti Bank Foundation.

“Mother Teresa once said, ‘Peace begins when the hungry are fed’. I was truly humbled and inspired to visit Mumbai @rotibankfdn today, which is run by former Mumbai police commissioner Mr. D Sivanandan. Roti Bank has prepared and distributed meals to millions of hungry people till date, even during the pandemic. They are the perfect example of what #kindnessbrigade aspires to do and I am honored to be of help to them during these times. We only live once! Let’s make this life worth it by helping others in need and sharing the #storiesofkindness of those around us!” she wrote.