Raima Sen on steamy shoot: Not worried about image just because I shot some photos for Instagram



Raima Sen

Raima Sen, who mostly stuck to a girl-next-door image in her over two-decade Bollywood career, made heads turn recently posting a few steamy photographs on social media. She says she wasn’t thinking about image makeover or the risks that come with it. “I am not worried about my image just because I shot some photos for Instagram. I think I still get the roles that I deserve and I have already carved a niche. I don’t think I will be typecast,” Raima told IANS.

She added: “It’s not that I will just be getting bold roles after this. That was not the idea of doing this shoot. The shoot was just — there is a lockdown and nothing to do, so I thought that let me reinvent my image. Tomorrow, I will probably shoot in Indian wear. I don’t think that makes a difference.”

Take a look at the pictures:

Her latest release is the web series, “The Last Hour”, which also stars Karma Takapa, Shahana Goswami and Sanjay Kapoor among others.

Talking about the show on what makes the supernatural genre appealing, Raima said, “(It is) the fact of the unknown,” adding, “We are all intrigued by what we don’t know about and what we can’t see. So, these shows have kind of a thrill element, curiosity and we always want to know more. So, I think that is why they are popular. It also gets us thinking.” 

“I am happy that The Last Hour is doing so well. It’s released in 240 countries and I am getting a lot of positive feedback. So, it is a big moment because I have not had a show released on such a large scale before this,” she said.