Sanjay Kapoor shares experience of shooting for The Last Hour in Sikkim



Sanjay Kapoor shares experience of shooting for The Last Hour in Sikkim

Amazon Prime Video’s first-ever supernatural crime thriller, The Last Hour is packed with heavy doses of suspense, mystery and unexpected twists and turns. Set in a pristine Himalayan town, the series delves into the life of a newly transferred cop, Arup Singh (Sanjay Kapoor), who joins hands with a shaman, Dev (Karma Takapa), to solve mysterious crimes. Not only will the show keep you hooked, but the beautiful backdrop of the Himalayas will certainly make you add the picturesque landscapes of the Northeast to your travel list.

Reminiscing about the shoot days in Sikkim, Sanjay Kapoor reveals how he fell in love with food he tried in the state.

 Shahana and Raima, his co-actors in the show, too revealed that Sanjay took on the responsibility of ordering food for everyone and by the end of the out-door shoot schedule, he knew everyone’s food preferences.

Talking about his love for food and discovering new cuisine, Sanjay said, “At the end of the day when we were done with the shoot, the entire cast and crew would always eat lunch and dinner together. Food is a very important part of my life and I take it very seriously. Every day , I would order food for the whole team. Once we were shooting in a very small town and Babu, who has been my lifeline since the last 3 decades  came to my room and said that since there’s only one gas stove in the kitchen, it’s better to order 3-4 hours in advance to make sure the food gets ready  on time.”

“So, by the second day, I would order three hours earlier, so that they could make all the dishes on time. But I must say that we ate some amazing food and that you get the best organic, vegetarian food in Sikkim. The food quality is absolutely outstanding. I normally eat non-veg for lunch and breakfast, but back in Sikkim, I ended up eating a lot of vegetarian fare there. The vegetarian food is very very good.”

The Last Hour stars Shahana Goswami, Karma Takapa Raima Sen, Robin Tamang and Shaylee Krishen along with Sanjay Kapoor and will exclusively stream on Amazon Prime Video from the 14th May 2021 in more than 240 countries and territories.