Several parts of Madhya Pradesh experience biting cold


Khajuraho froze at 3.0 degree Celsius while Satan shivered at 3.7 degree Celsius on the intervening night of Wednesday-Thursday.

Most of the part of the state are in grip of intense cold wave in the state. Weather experts attributed the cold wave to northernly wind pattern coming from the northern belt of the country.

Raisen recorded 4.0 degree Celsius and Timagarh recorded 4.5 degree Celsius while Sidhi, Nowgaon and Rewa recorded 5.0 degree Celsius.

Pachmarhi recorded 4.0 degree Celsius while Dhar recorded 4.8 degree Celsius. Guna and Gwalior recorded 5.8 degree Celsius and 5.4 Degree Celsius respectively.

Ratlam recorded 5.8 degree Celsius while Rajgarh recorded 6.6 degree Celsius and Shajapur recorded 6.1 degree Celsius. Bhopal recorded 8.2 degree Celsius and Indore recorded 7.9 degree Celsius. Jabalpur recorded 8.6 degree Celsius.