TRY NASAL WASH and other effective hacks to healthy breathing


New Delhi/ Bhopal: For most people, winter is usually their favourite time of the year. Along with enjoying the chill in the air, one needs to also be careful about the quality of air you’re breathing, since the AQI levels rise during this time. Impurities in the air enter the respiratory system by inhalation, causing disastrous effects in people from all age groups.

Hygiene and personal wellness has become an important part of everyone’s lifestyle in the current situation. Washing hands every time we return home is now an essential. Our nasal passages are the entry points to various air impurities; hence it is imperative to take care of your nose. Air impurities such as allergens, pollutants, bacteria or viruses may enter the nose and get trapped, leading to complications.

So, it is important to include nasal sanitisation in your daily hygiene routine – not only when you come home but even if you haven’t stepped out at all. Here are a few quick and effective tricks to ensure you breathe well stay healthy!

Nasal wash to the rescue! Saline sprays rinses out impurities and debris stuck in your nasal passage and helps in preventing allergies and symptoms like sinus infections. A nasal wash also helps in moisturizing your dry nose, especially in winter.