UNIQUE LESSONS in Madhya Pradesh: Children use road as slate in Betul district


Betul (Madhya Pradesh): Generally, people use roads to commute but a road in Madhya Pradesh’s Betul district has come in handy for local children who are using this road as a giant slate or blackboard to learn counting, tables and other subjects.

The corona pandemic has severely affected children as schools are closed and roaming outside is a not safe. To tackle the situation people have moved to community classes and ‘learn with fun’ techniques.

A unique experiment has taken place in Simori village of Betul district. Children here are using a road as a giant slate. They assemble every evening and practice basic maths along with playing.

Children adopt various practices to learn like writing, counting, tables, month and day names, English, nouns, important days, counting in Sanskrit, names of grains, flowers, fruits, and vegetables etc while also collecting interesting information about the country and abroad, and important personalities.